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Wednesday PM, 3/29/2020
Title: The Two Builders & Two Sons
Text: Matthew 7: 24-27, Matthew 21: 28-32?

Sunday PM, 3/29/2020

Title: From Survival to Revival
Texts: Acts 16:25-34

Sunday AM, 3/29/2020

Title: How To Heal A Nation
Texts: Malachi 3: 5-12, 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14

Wednesday, 3/25/2020
Title: The Mustard Seed, The Leaven, & The Master of the House
Texts: Matthew 13:31-33, Matthew 13:51-52

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March 24th, 2020

To The Jesus Church family,

My prayers are with you and your immediate family as we endure what seems to be a crazy time. It is a comforting thought that our God is still in control and will have His way in all of this before it is over. I wanted to write you as promised to keep you up to date with church events. Please take a moment to read through the following points so that we are unified as a
church body going forward.

1. The mayor of San Antonio has made a mandatory stay-at-home statute for Bexar county this week. To be clear, our church building is located in Medina county and unaffected legally by this restriction. The Medina county's new edict is less strict and asks compliance with the CDC orders which is currently still 50 people or less.

So after some deliberation with our administration team, our plan for this coming week
  • This Wednesday, March 24th, I will record the next Parables in Matthew which will go live that evening 7:30pm on the front page of our website ( and YouTube (search for The Jesus Church channel and there is also a direct link to this on the church website front page). This is essentially the same thing that we did this past Wednesday.
  • This Friday night we will record a full service in front of a limited, small group that keeps in accordance with the CDC’s recommendation. The service will have worship, prayer, and word that will go live for 10am Sun am, March 29th. This is essentially the same thing that we did last Sunday.
  • I will record a second sermon on Saturday afternoon which will go live Sunday pm at 6pm. This is something new and will give a substitute for Sunday pm service. 
2. We are shutting down our weekly ACTS class (Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the Fellowship Hall) for two weeks effectively immediately as a precaution.

3. There is no youth for the week of Friday, March 27th. Also the Primetimer’s breakfast that was scheduled for Saturday, April 4th has been postponed.

4. All other events and services will be determined on a weekly basis. It seems that new information comes out weekly on Monday’s and Tuesday’s and we will make a call on how we will have services for each week as it comes so that we can respond to what is still a rapidly changing situation. Breeze, our church website, and our FaceBook page continues to be our best means of getting updated information to you.

5. Keep praying for those who are being directly affected by these things, especially states like New York and California which seem harder hit than Texas.

6. Tuesday night Bible Studies are online only this week and the next.

7. Your giving is very important as the church needs to not only survive during these few weeks but to be able to be in a position to continue helping those who are in desperate need. Remember the promises attached to your tithing, offering, and missions giving and give in faith, knowing that God will meet all of your needs. We will have to be very purposeful about giving as there is not a physical service this week. You can give one of three ways: 
  • Through Breeze by logging on to and clicking the “Give Now” button. This is giving directly to the church, the same as if you had placed your monies in the offering plate. 
  • Donations can be dropped off at the church building location on Sunday, March 29th from 1pm to 3pm. Bro. Mike Keefer (treasurer) will be present on location to receive any donations.
  • Donations can be mailed to the physical church address:
The Jesus Church 
2035 Hwy 90 West 
Castroville, TX 78009
8. If you know of someone in our church family who is in need, please let us know so that the others who could help, can help. If my wife and I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our mobile phone numbers are at the bottom of this letter.
We talk, text, and pray on those phones! If you need something, you’re not bothering us to reach out – please don’t hesitate to call.

Thank you all for the positive feedback and the willingness to share our makeshift measures last week. I pray that someone new is won from these things and after this is over, we see the fullness of much seed that has been planted during this time. Simply put, we must survive spiritually, physically, and mentally for these few weeks and be ready to move forward when this trial is past us. It will not last forever and I urge you to spend time reading the New Testament and in prayer for our church family, this country, and the kingdom of God. God will prove faithful and a healer and there is a light coming at the end of what has seemed a dark tunnel.

In Jesus’ Name,

Pastor Jeremiah Sibley
Sis. DeAnna Sibley
Sunday, 3/22/2020 AM Service (no PM service)
Title: The God of a Hundredfold
Text: Mark 10:28-30, Genesis 26:12



Wednesday, 3/18/2020
Title: The Cloth & The Wineskins
Text: Matthew 9:14-17



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